Jackie Boyz and Friends – Grammy Edition

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Here we go again! This time I brought some friends to help me get coverage for this massive event!

Girl Radical – Girl Super Group
Wayne Brady – Let’s Make a Deal; Whose Line Is It Anyways?
Daniel J. Baker – America’s got Talent
Julca Brothers – Singers/Songwriters/Producers
Mann – Recording Artist “Buzzin”
Lex Lu – Recording Artist
Jaden Michaels – Singer/Songwriter – 19 Recordings / Pulse Management
Kat Nestel – Recording Artist

JC Chasez – ‘N Sync
Manny Streetz – Radio Personality 102.7 KIIS FM
Swagga Bob – Producer/Songwriter
Zachary Hendel MD – Jackie Boyz Band
Michael Benz – DJ
Derrin Henson – Actor (Soul Food)
Eddie Gomez

Thanks to our Supporters & Sponsors:
One West Magazine
FGM Magazine
The Senate
Swagga Squad
Level Entertainment
Jackie Boyz
Jordan Hood
SGX Print
Black Book Session

“A portion of proceeds from this event were donated to Black Book Sessions Charity….”

Directed by Louis Mayo

Shot by
Louis Mayo
Catherine Collins
Larry Lagera
Kenton Cummings

Edited by Larry Lagera


Jackie Boyz and Friends Take Over The W Hollywood

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The Jackie Boyz have become family and to be able to see them grow and be apart of their growth has been an amazing experience.

The Jackie Boyz and Friends event just keeps on getting better! New featured artists, guests, and even a new venue! See the event that everyone is talking about, The Jackie Boyz and Friends.

Performances by:
Jackie Boyz
Candice Glover
Name Brand
Brandon Bassir
Liam Horne

Venue: W Hollywood

Video by Louis Mayo


Jackie Boyz & Friends

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The best part about being an artist is getting to meet and be apart of a family of other artists. Although different in their own special ways, artists bond in a way that I’ve never quite seen in others… Maybe it’s because we all look at the world as a creative playground or maybe it’s because of our admiration for one another for pursuing such a high turnover career? Whatever it is it cannot be replicated.

Through a mutual friend I was introduced to the grammy winning singer/song-writer duo “The Jackie Boyz”. Two very talented artists who started their careers singing in the streets to being approaches by labels to write songs for A list stars and even getting signed as recording artist by a major record label! These two are truly inspirational and I am honored to collaborate with them.

“The Jackie Boyz” always believed in giving new artists a platform to showcase their talents and now that they are in a position to do so they have created “The Jackie Boyz and Friends” event. This event invites auditioned artists to perform at this event while having industry professionals in attendance giving them access to professionals that can help take their career to new heights.

Want to see what these events are like? Check out our promo video below. Enjoy!


Who is Aragad Abramian?

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A friend of mine could not stop talking about one of his basketball players that he coaches explaining that he has what it takes to #begreat. So I thought to myself this player sounds like a great example for the #begreat movement that I started and so I scheduled a meeting with this player, named Aragad Abramian.

He was a very quiet person at first, but quickly became comfortable when put in his element, the basketball court. After seeing his workout/practice I knew I just had to make a piece about him not only for scouts to see what kind of person/player he is, but so public can know, Aragad Abramian.

What is Aragad Abramian doing to #begreat? Watch and see. Enjoy!

JOIN the MOVEMENT. What are YOU doing to #BeGreat?






The Biography of Macy Kate

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If you have been following my videos for some time you may notice that Macy Kate is a familiar face. In November 2012 I did a video of Macy Kate performing her interpretation of Brenda Russell’s “Piano in the Dark”. Since then both of our careers have reached new heights, did it have to do with our video that we did? Probably, not but it certainly was the start of a good team!

Living in separate states I don’t get to see Macy Kate and her team very often, but when she told me she was coming back to California for a few days it was inevitable that another video would be made! Since Macy Kate is catching the attention of key players in the music industry it was clear that what she needs is a biography video to show her fans and prospects who she is and where she comes from. So that’s exactly what we did!

In this video we sit down with Macy Kate, Andrew Lane, and Chris Borchetta, to find out just who Macy Kate really is on and off the stage. Enjoy!


NFL Flag San Diego

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When NFL Flag San Diego contacted me to create a commercial for their exciting Flag Football league I immediately said YES!

The reason for the excitement is that I’ve been to several of their games and the passion and drive that I see from not only the kids on the field but everyone involved: parents, coaches, referees, and of course the NFL Flag San Diego crew. Everyone was so into becoming great at their role that I even had to take it up a notch when filming some of the games!

So when I sat down and thought of a clever and powerful way to convey the essence of the league I immediately thought of theme #begreat. Whether you are looking to join an excellent flag football league that will take you to the next level or simply to BE GREAT, I wanted to create a commercial that inspires people to take on challenges and to be proactive in their journey to greatness.

What better way to showcase this than to have Mike Willie of the NFL San Diego Charger facilitating this journey to a sea of young aspiring children.


Believe it or not but this commercial was shot by one person. Dolly shots, tilts, and focus pulling all while directing a professional athlete and a sea of energized children was intimidating at first, but quickly fades away when the lens cap comes off and it’s time to shoot! Everyone was just a pleasure to work with. Mike Willie was such a fun loving role model to all of the children and little Nathan was as focused and ever giving the intense pressure to act and recite lines in front of all of his peers. Superb job everyone!

All the audio was done in post production to ensure a pleasant visual and audio experience for the viewers. It’s a 30 second commercial so I wanted each second to count. Luckily I have great friends like Maurice Ager and Derrick Burgan who provided me with the help and resources I needed to turn my vision into a reality. Maurice Ager allowed Derrick Burgan and I to use his studio to record all of the dialogue from our talent and of course all of the sound effects and follies. 12 hours later we had ourselves a commercial!

Hope you enjoy this commercial and remember “What are you going to do to be great?”

Join the #begreat movement. JOIN NFL FLAG SAN DIEGO





Directed/Shot/Edited: Louis Mayo

Sound Design: Louis Mayo & Derrick Burgan

Music: Maurice Ager (www.MoeAger.com)

From NBA to Music – Moe Ager’s “Moe Town” Music Film Is Here!

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Maurice (Moe) and I have been working together for about a year now. When I heard his story of leaving the NBA to pursue a career in music I knew that we would get along! To leave something that society tells you is the best thing for you in order to follow your dreams is something that I advocate and have done myself (in a smaller scale of course haha).  So when he approached me to shoot his first music video to his single “Moe Town” I immediately said yes, as “Moe Town” is the culmination of his journey thus far.

The screenplay for the “Moe Town” music film actually started about 8 months ago. I know, a long time for a 3+ minute video, but it really had to do with timing on both ends. Writing the screenplay was a pretty organic process as I love to tell stories about following your heart and doing what you love even if no one supports you initially.


“Moe Town” is a story about a guy who is all alone in his anemic studio working hard on making music. In this studio he runs into a group of stereotypical “rappers” and tries to fit in. After realizing how silly he looks in doing so he sneaks back to his studio confused and in low spirits as he begins to doubt himself.  In his lonely studio he looks around for guidance and inspiration and spots his NBA jersey. It is his jersey that reminds of his conversation with his mother, asking her whether he should continue with Basketball or pursue his passion in music? With complete sincerity and without hesitation, Moe’s mother tells him to follow his heart. With new found motivation Moe completes his album and rushes out the door. At the nearby park Moe sees a group of kids playing basketball reminiscing on his childhood. One of the kids spots Moe and is immediately in awe as appears to be a big fan of Moe. The basketball Moe… Moe acknowledges this and walks away ashamed as he feels that he has let everyone down including the younger generation. While crossing the street Moe is enraged as he is almost hit by a car driven by what appears to be a wealthy self-absorbed executive that isn’t even apologetic for his actions. Finally making it to his destination, a record label, Moe is faced with yet another obstacle. He is not on the scheduled list. Moe is shocked as he was certain that he had locked something in. In the middle of his explanation to the front desk lady, he spots an executive (on the phone) walking into the lobby and rushes to him. The executive immediately recognizes Moe from the NBA and starts telling Moe how much he loves his game, but Moe realizes that this is the same guy that didn’t even acknowledge him when he almost ran him over. Moe puts his impressions about him to the side and continues with his plans and presents the executive with his album. The executive shows  immense disapproval and calls for the next person in the lobby, as he believes Moe should stick to basketball. Moe is at a lost for words as the executive and artist walk away. Moe apologizes to the front desk lady and offers his album to her as a sign of appreciation. The front desk lady is intrigued and listens to Moe’s music after he has left the building. The executive rushes out into the main lobby and eagerly asks who’s music she was listening to? She answers, “Moe”. Out the door at the speed of light the executive yells for Moe to come back, but after being disrespected twice, Moe smiles, never looking back and keeps on with his journey. Sky is the limit. “MOE TOWN” is here!




Starring: MOE AGER

Written/Directed/Edited by LOUIS MAYO

Director of Photography by CHRISTIAN RODRIGO


Sean “Speed” Dillon
Ryan Fritz
Micah Amiel
Alex Sanciangco
Derrick Burgan Jr.
Kollyn Muangmaithong
Matt Louis

Utah Snow at “House of Luxury” Sundance 2013

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Before college graduation I barely traveled. It has always been something that I’ve wanted to do, but I just could not find the time or resources to do so. Now that filmmaking in my life is in full effect I have been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to travel for work. Combining two passions in one and fulfilling the dream of attending Sundance is an amazing gift and I couldn’t be more grateful to be in the position that I am in today.

For this project, I was selected by “Rand Luxury” to create a promotional film for their lavish “House of Luxury” event in Park City, Utah at Sundance 2013. I’ve always wanted to attend Sundance, but I didn’t want to attend as just a spectator, as I plan on submitting a film to this film festival in the near future. Fortunately, “House of Luxury” was linked to the festival allowing me to experience this cultural spectacle.

The “House of Luxury” was a spectacle in and of itself! The property was as big and luxurious as you can get with backyard ski resort access, state of the art theater, and exquisite design all throughout the house. FIlmmakers and industry professionals filled the rooms with high end brands launching new products at the scene.  It was just a dream of a weekend!

As an attempt to capture the magic of “House of Luxury” the PROMO video was born. Enjoy!

MUSIC: Saint Maurice feat. Estrella Cortes (Drew Right Music)


10 Year Old Recording Artist Olivia Ooms Releases Video for Latest Single “Valuable 2 Me”

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It’s amazing to see how talented people are across the world, but it is even more amazing to such talent come from someone as young as 10 years old! Olivia Ooms is a singer/songwriter who works along side multi-platinum music producer Andrew Lane of “Drew Right Music”.

“I am humbled and thankful to be able to create such a beautiful song with my producer, Drew. It is for everyone who has ever lost someone special to them, and especially for the families and fellow students at Sandy Hook Elementary. My heart goes out to them and I hope they find a bit of peace in my music.” – Olivia Ooms

Watch Olivia Ooms perform her latest single “Valuable 2 Me” Enjoy!




Special Thanks: Bill and Katie Shreve

Olivia Ooms – Valuable
Drew Right Music
Directed/Edited by Louis Mayo (@Viewbility)


Macy Kate’s Rendition of Brenda Russell’s “Piano in the Dark”

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Being surrounded by talented people not only allows me to improve as a fellow artist, but as a person since their hardworking characteristics are inspiring and contagious. Staggering vocalist Macy Kate is a perfect example. Macy Kate always knew she wanted to be a singer and is opening her own doors to wonderful opportunities that will ultimately lead to her success. Unfortunately, raw talent isn’t enough quite enough to “make it” in today’s world as people need to know that you exist. That’s where I come in!

Multi-platinum music producer Andrew Lane contacted me to film Macy Kate and introduced her as a “powerful vocalist”. He wasn’t kidding! This girl sings like a woman many times her age and my only hope was that I could bring justice to her talent with this video.

Watch Macy Kate perform her rendition of Brenda Russell’s “Piano in the Dark”. Video was shot on 1 camera.

Directed/Edited by

Louis Mayo