My First Wedding… Film

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I told myself that I wouldn’t do weddings. I said this because I truly understand the responsibilities a filmmaker has to carefully capture that special moment and that there are no second takes… Though this was why I continually declined wedding film opportunities, it was also why I secretly wanted to try it at least once.

Once I met with Krystal and Brandon and saw how comfortable it was to work with them, I decided to make their special day, mine as well. I took opportunity very seriously and purchased a few new items to add to my inventory just to ensure that I was prepared for anything and everything that could come my way. I also, hired two carefully selected individuals tutoring them on how to manually craft the camera to give it a specific look and feel so that when game time comes we are all on the same page and confident as ever. With a total of 3 cameras rolling at once we were able to capture different angles, areas, and moments all at the same time.

After a full day of attentive shooting and meticulous editing, I present to you Viewbility’s first wedding film. Enjoy!

P.S. There’s an “Easter Egg” that I hid in the video. Let me know if you find it 🙂



Music: Usher “Without You”


One Comment

  • Vanessa06jimenez says:

    That was awesome, looks like you captured a lot of great moments! I didn’t find an egg-i was too busy watching the love story 🙂

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