From NBA to Music – Moe Ager’s “Moe Town” Music Film Is Here!

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Maurice (Moe) and I have been working together for about a year now. When I heard his story of leaving the NBA to pursue a career in music I knew that we would get along! To leave something that society tells you is the best thing for you in order to follow your dreams is something that I advocate and have done myself (in a smaller scale of course haha).  So when he approached me to shoot his first music video to his single “Moe Town” I immediately said yes, as “Moe Town” is the culmination of his journey thus far.

The screenplay for the “Moe Town” music film actually started about 8 months ago. I know, a long time for a 3+ minute video, but it really had to do with timing on both ends. Writing the screenplay was a pretty organic process as I love to tell stories about following your heart and doing what you love even if no one supports you initially.


“Moe Town” is a story about a guy who is all alone in his anemic studio working hard on making music. In this studio he runs into a group of stereotypical “rappers” and tries to fit in. After realizing how silly he looks in doing so he sneaks back to his studio confused and in low spirits as he begins to doubt himself.  In his lonely studio he looks around for guidance and inspiration and spots his NBA jersey. It is his jersey that reminds of his conversation with his mother, asking her whether he should continue with Basketball or pursue his passion in music? With complete sincerity and without hesitation, Moe’s mother tells him to follow his heart. With new found motivation Moe completes his album and rushes out the door. At the nearby park Moe sees a group of kids playing basketball reminiscing on his childhood. One of the kids spots Moe and is immediately in awe as appears to be a big fan of Moe. The basketball Moe… Moe acknowledges this and walks away ashamed as he feels that he has let everyone down including the younger generation. While crossing the street Moe is enraged as he is almost hit by a car driven by what appears to be a wealthy self-absorbed executive that isn’t even apologetic for his actions. Finally making it to his destination, a record label, Moe is faced with yet another obstacle. He is not on the scheduled list. Moe is shocked as he was certain that he had locked something in. In the middle of his explanation to the front desk lady, he spots an executive (on the phone) walking into the lobby and rushes to him. The executive immediately recognizes Moe from the NBA and starts telling Moe how much he loves his game, but Moe realizes that this is the same guy that didn’t even acknowledge him when he almost ran him over. Moe puts his impressions about him to the side and continues with his plans and presents the executive with his album. The executive shows  immense disapproval and calls for the next person in the lobby, as he believes Moe should stick to basketball. Moe is at a lost for words as the executive and artist walk away. Moe apologizes to the front desk lady and offers his album to her as a sign of appreciation. The front desk lady is intrigued and listens to Moe’s music after he has left the building. The executive rushes out into the main lobby and eagerly asks who’s music she was listening to? She answers, “Moe”. Out the door at the speed of light the executive yells for Moe to come back, but after being disrespected twice, Moe smiles, never looking back and keeps on with his journey. Sky is the limit. “MOE TOWN” is here!




Starring: MOE AGER

Written/Directed/Edited by LOUIS MAYO

Director of Photography by CHRISTIAN RODRIGO


Sean “Speed” Dillon
Ryan Fritz
Micah Amiel
Alex Sanciangco
Derrick Burgan Jr.
Kollyn Muangmaithong
Matt Louis

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