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When NFL Flag San Diego contacted me to create a commercial for their exciting Flag Football league I immediately said YES!

The reason for the excitement is that I’ve been to several of their games and the passion and drive that I see from not only the kids on the field but everyone involved: parents, coaches, referees, and of course the NFL Flag San Diego crew. Everyone was so into becoming great at their role that I even had to take it up a notch when filming some of the games!

So when I sat down and thought of a clever and powerful way to convey the essence of the league I immediately thought of theme #begreat. Whether you are looking to join an excellent flag football league that will take you to the next level or simply to BE GREAT, I wanted to create a commercial that inspires people to take on challenges and to be proactive in their journey to greatness.

What better way to showcase this than to have Mike Willie of the NFL San Diego Charger facilitating this journey to a sea of young aspiring children.


Believe it or not but this commercial was shot by one person. Dolly shots, tilts, and focus pulling all while directing a professional athlete and a sea of energized children was intimidating at first, but quickly fades away when the lens cap comes off and it’s time to shoot! Everyone was just a pleasure to work with. Mike Willie was such a fun loving role model to all of the children and little Nathan was as focused and ever giving the intense pressure to act and recite lines in front of all of his peers. Superb job everyone!

All the audio was done in post production to ensure a pleasant visual and audio experience for the viewers. It’s a 30 second commercial so I wanted each second to count. Luckily I have great friends like Maurice Ager and Derrick Burgan who provided me with the help and resources I needed to turn my vision into a reality. Maurice Ager allowed Derrick Burgan and I to use his studio to record all of the dialogue from our talent and of course all of the sound effects and follies. 12 hours later we had ourselves a commercial!

Hope you enjoy this commercial and remember “What are you going to do to be great?”

Join the #begreat movement. JOIN NFL FLAG SAN DIEGO




Directed/Shot/Edited: Louis Mayo

Sound Design: Louis Mayo & Derrick Burgan

Music: Maurice Ager (

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