The Biography of Macy Kate

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If you have been following my videos for some time you may notice that Macy Kate is a familiar face. In November 2012 I did a video of Macy Kate performing her interpretation of Brenda Russell’s “Piano in the Dark”. Since then both of our careers have reached new heights, did it have to do with our video that we did? Probably, not but it certainly was the start of a good team!

Living in separate states I don’t get to see Macy Kate and her team very often, but when she told me she was coming back to California for a few days it was inevitable that another video would be made! Since Macy Kate is catching the attention of key players in the music industry it was clear that what she needs is a biography video to show her fans and prospects who she is and where she comes from. So that’s exactly what we did!

In this video we sit down with Macy Kate, Andrew Lane, and Chris Borchetta, to find out just who Macy Kate really is on and off the stage. Enjoy!


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