Jackie Boyz & Friends

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The best part about being an artist is getting to meet and be apart of a family of other artists. Although different in their own special ways, artists bond in a way that I’ve never quite seen in others… Maybe it’s because we all look at the world as a creative playground or maybe it’s because of our admiration for one another for pursuing such a high turnover career? Whatever it is it cannot be replicated.

Through a mutual friend I was introduced to the grammy winning singer/song-writer duo “The Jackie Boyz”. Two very talented artists who started their careers singing in the streets to being approaches by labels to write songs for A list stars and even getting signed as recording artist by a major record label! These two are truly inspirational and I am honored to collaborate with them.

“The Jackie Boyz” always believed in giving new artists a platform to showcase their talents and now that they are in a position to do so they have created “The Jackie Boyz and Friends” event. This event invites auditioned artists to perform at this event while having industry professionals in attendance giving them access to professionals that can help take their career to new heights.

Want to see what these events are like? Check out our promo video below. Enjoy!


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